See the roads and traffic flow that would be afflicted by the proposed Honeybourne Line railway, especially during the years of construction:

1.  Traffic queuing along Evesham Place, waiting to get onto the roundabout.

2.  Traffic turning into Evesham Road from the roundabout.

3.  Traffic negotiating the busy roundabout under which it is proposed to construct a railway tunnel from the end of Summerton Way. Evesham Road, Evesham Place, Shottery Road and Seven Meadows Road converge at this important route into Stratford Town. Traffic would be disrupted by two years of construction and permanently slowed by the narrowing of Seven Meadows Road to accommodate the railway.

4.  Traffic on the roundabout near to where the proposed rail tunnel would emerge at the start of Seven Meadows Road.

5.  Traffic already queues at the roundabout. Imposing a railway would affect both vehicles and pedestrians.

6.  Two lanes of traffic on Seven Meadows Road, looking towards the roundabout. How could a railway in a deep cutting be shoehorned into the same footprint, without seriously restricting traffic? The carriageway would be squeezed to the right hand side; the footpath and the cycle lane on the left would be lost; and the footpath on the right constricted.

7.  Traffic on the busy Seven Meadows Road, viewed from the bridge carrying Sanctus Road.

8.  Traffic on the busy Seven Meadows Road, viewed from the bridge carrying Sanctus Road, looking towards Wetherby Way.

9.  Public transport would be severely affected by delays and diversions.

10.  Milcote Road, where the traffic, parking, café, cycling, bridleway and picnic facilities would all be affected by the building of a road bridge for the railway to pass under.

11.  Station Road, Long Marston, at the end of the Greenway. The traffic flow would be restricted during and after construction of the railway.

12.  A van turning into the industrial park, at Station Road, Long Marston, where a road bridge would have to be built, disrupting traffic during and after construction.