The current threat to the Stratford Greenway , Summerton Way and the roads in between comes from a proposal to re-instate the Stratford-upon-Avon to Honeybourne railway, that closed in 1976 following a derailment when it was considered not worthwhile repairing.

If this railway went ahead, the pleasures of the Greenway would be ruined for the people of Warwickshire and beyond:

  • Domestic and commercial property prices blighted all along the proposed route.
  • Footpaths closed or diverted.
  • Road traffic flow into Stratford and along Milcote Road and Station Road into Long Marston afflicted.
  • At least a couple of years of severe disruption during construction.
  • Tourism affected.
  • The decision to proceed would be political without a sound business case.
  • All this for a dubious return, at a high cost, which would take decades to recoup, if ever.
  • Is this what we want?

The potential impact of this railway in the three sections of the proposed route is shown on the following maps:

Click views to see pictures of what would be damaged or lost all along the proposed route.

Whilst on your virtual journey, please consider the difficulty of reinstating a railway across such creaking structures as Stannal’s Bridge across the River Avon below:

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