Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) describes how Network Rail manages and controls projects that enhance or renew the national rail network. See below for further details.

Stop this process for the Honeybourne Line to avoid damaging the Greenway, Summerton Way and the roads in between for no real benefit.

  • GRIP (Stage) 3 is concerned with option selection, although only variants of the current proposal along the Greenway were considered in the Arup report and not entirely different routes.
  • GRIP (Stage) 4 is a detailed evaluation of the chosen option.
  • The vociferous few keep promoting a GRIP 4 study, but there are enough inconsistencies, conjecture on usage, inflated return on investment in GRIP 3 to deem GRIP 4 a waste of £500k.
  • This allied to the disruption experienced from building this railway in such close proximity to the heart of the town is complete folly.
  • If any councillors believe this rail link will deliver all the over inflated promises made then maybe they should reconsider.
  • In our opinion, we do not need to spend thousands on a GRIP 4 study to come to the obvious conclusion that this railway is not needed and the money could be better used elsewhere.
  • Protect the Greenway and Summerton Way now, and designate them as green spaces and wildlife corridors, free from any development, especially an unnecessary railway.

Nor does it seem that the GRIP 4 study is an objective and independent process, as SGG were excluded from an important discussion:

  • Stratford District Council launched a strategic review of the ‘rail link to the Cotswold line’ on 2 December 2016, which is the Stratford to Honeybourne line.
  • It found that both direct and frequent services to/from London and a GRIP 4 study to determine the economic feasibility of the restoring of the rail link to the Cotswold Line were both essential.
  • The chairman of the No Avon Line (now re-launched as the Stratford Greenway Group) was not allowed to attend and refused an extension to the review for comments to be submitted.

We urge you to lobby our political representatives not to proceed with this study – see the Take Action page.